Vircadia API Reference

The Vircadia JavaScript API lets content creators and developers create new experiences and transform virtual worlds within the Vircadia metaverse. With it, you can build great content, customize avatars, play audio and so much more.

You are most likely to interact with these APIs:

  • The Entities namespace lets you add, remove, and edit entities around you to build an interactive environment. In addition, you can use this namespace to find entities in range, direction, collision, or raytrace.
  • The AvatarList, MyAvatar, and Avatar namespaces affect your personal avatars, and lets you get information on other people's avatars.
  • The Script namespace lets you to connect callbacks from your client to script, such as functionality that is dependent on time (Script.update, Script.setTimeout, Script.setInterval, etc), connect paths relatively to assets (Script.resolvePath), refer to other scripts (Script.require, Script.include), or connect functions to events which occur when the script is turned off (Script.scriptEnding).

To learn more about using Vircadia and exploring the metaverse, visit the Vircadia User Documentation.

For source developer oriented documentation, visit the Vircadia Developer Documentation.